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Why Practice Improv

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

One of the most frequently asked questions improvisers get is "why do you have to practice if it's made up on the spot?"

Well, I always say it's just like playing any kind of team sport. Whether it's football or basketball, teams practice regularly even though they don't know what will happen on the day. They drill certain passes and shots so that when the moment comes they're ready to do it without thinking.

It's the same with improv. And it's the same with Improv for Business.

Every improv team has their favourite warm-ups that they use to get them in the right frame of mind. Then they'll usually discuss their most recent performance, talk about what worked well and where they could improve and make that the focus of their rehearsal. This means that when they go into their next show they'll feel more confident and without realising it, utilise their new skills so they have a much more successful performance. Even groups at the top of their game rehearse so they can keep sharp and stretch themselves.

My Improv for Business workshops take a similar approach. Having already had a consultation with the team leader, I'll put together a number of exercises relevant to your focus and coach you through them. Let's say you want to improve your communication and networking skills. Did you know there are at least 20 drills for eye contact? Don't worry, we won't do them all! Together we'll find a game at your level and build up.

By taking the time to not only work on a certain skill but get comfortable with it, you will find that it comes a lot more naturally in your next meeting or presentation.

It's a similar theory to body conditioning. If you're a runner or swimmer you know that by really challenging yourself in your practices you're going to feel the benefits later. Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone in a safe space like an improv workshop may improve your confidence as an individual in the workplace.

But what is always important to sports, improv and business is making time to check-in with your team and yourself. My Improv for Business workshops will give you a chance to reconnect and decide the best way to move forward together.

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