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Summer Dreaming

At home in Scotland the weans and bairns have already had a few weeks of summer holiday but it's all about to kick off here in England. And what a week of weather to start!

Summertime is my favourite time of year and even though I don't remember ever having weather like this growing up, I still have memories of endless hours playing outside. Whether it was rounders or games of make believe, summer seemed to lend itself to bountiful playtime and creativity.

Would you like to get back a bit of that feeling?

Improv comedy workshops are great for lighting that spark of imagination. They also involve many group games to enliven that team spirit. The more you can let out your playful side, the better! And not just that, improv workshops can even be taken outside...

In fact, one of the first workshops I ever held at a conference was for 50 teachers on a glorious green campus square! It was a bit chaotic but A LOT of fun. Many had never met before but came away dancing and singing silly songs together like old friends.

It makes me so happy when previous clients tell me they've been playing the games I've taught them with their families

However we all know that if you have kids of your own, summertime can be a bit tricky for grown--ups. Everyone is still burnt out from lockdown and with childcare through the roof, summer holidays can seem like a stressful prospect.

Luckily, I still run my online improv workshops and I am more than happy for your kids to join in or watch. During lockdown I got very used to seeing the odd toddler sitting on a mum's knee or daddy having to nip out to make someone a sandwich. My improv workshops are extremely flexible and as I am your host throughout, I can make sure everything works around your needs.

And of course, children love improv games. I teach improv for kids and teenagers as well as adults and they blow me away with what they come up with. It also makes me so happy when previous clients tell me they've been playing the games I've taught them with their families at home.

So if you're looking for a fun activity that will uplift your team and maybe even get their families involved, give improv a try! Please get in touch for a free consultation and I'll start designing your bespoke improv workshop by end of play.


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