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Improv To The Rescue!

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Has your team away-day just been cancelled due to Covid restrictions? Are half of your crew suddenly self-isolating? Here's why my online improv workshops might be the solution:

1. Designed for wherever or whoever you are

Working from home is different for everyone. Luckily all you need to take part in an online improv session is yourself (and maybe a solid internet connection). Whether you're sitting on your sofa or at your kitchen table, with a baby on your knee or a cat on your keyboard, you're welcome to join!

2. I'll take care of everything

I set up the zoom session, organise the breakout rooms and lead all of the games and exercises that I have programmed bespoke for your team.

3. Quick, flexible and tailored to you

Sessions tend be 45min-1hour for 4-20 people. If you need multiple sessions I am happy to accommodate and will suggest multiple options. Speaking of which...

4. There are no hidden costs

I will always be upfront about my rates. There are no overheads or expenses, just my fee. If you expect more than 12 participants I will often suggest that I bring in my assistant, which I will also quote for beforehand. I also offer at least one free 30min zoom consultation to go through your options and discuss your needs.

So get in touch now and kick off the New Year with something fun and unlikely to get cancelled.


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