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Happy Maven

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

At the end of 2020, I was delighted to host an online improv session for Happy Maven's Quarterly HR Leaders Event. It was lovely to see so many people who hadn't even met before getting involved and supporting each other.

You can read in full Happy Maven's thoughts on how the session helped them and their colleagues in this wonderful blog post here.

" Charlie expertly coached our cohort of HR Leaders from bleary-eyed to bushy-tailed within the space of 45 minutes, demonstrating the power of creativity and innovation when it comes to collaboration and communication within a team. "

When I was approached a few weeks before by Suki K Bassi, Chief Happiness Officer and Founder of Happy Maven, she said what I've been hearing from a lot of colleagues and clients. That her team were feeling the lockdown fatigue and needed to be buoyed up. Suki knows a great deal about how mental health and well-being can affect a team and it was great to meet to someone who shared so many of my values!

This was more of a conference reaching out to associates in the HR industry than a team workshop, although a lot of the Happy Maven team did take part. Most of those involved were therefore strangers looking to network as well as try something new.

" That experience was totally unique to the attendees and I am sure many will reflect back on and share with friends and colleagues for weeks to come… how many people can say that about an online HR Webinar!? "

The numbers were also higher than usual but luckily I had my trusty assistant, the brilliant improviser, Emma Rettie, to help me! Some had to leave early, others arrived late, everyone was tuning in from various working conditions but it was all fine and fun. The great thing about working with improvisers is we're ready for anything!

So if you're planning a networking event or even a team get together and want to break the ice then why not try an improv taster session? Get in touch for a free consultation.

I also thoroughly recommend checking out Happy Maven's website. They were great to work with and provide lots of info on how to boost the well-being of your employees.

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