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3 Ways to Use Online Improv

Updated: May 4, 2020

You may have heard that I have moved my improv for business workshops online! They're still fun, focussed and bespoke but have been edited and adapted so they fit into your team's working-from-home lives.

Here are three ways you might choose to include improv in your team's socially distanced schedule:

1. Reconnect

Checking in with the team after a long week or a weekend has always been a popular way to make sure everyone is feeling good and on the same page. However, these days, getting out of bed on a Monday morning to list your lockdown fears isn't the most motivating. So why not ease everyone into the week with an improv warm-up? Improv games are perfect ice-breakers and great for getting everyone in tune with one another.

2. Re-energise

Lockdown fatigue is real! It's now so easy to fall into a slump by midday never mind midweek.

A short, quick-paced improv session is just what you need to give everyone a boost and keep them motivated. Feel free to carry on the meeting afterwards to check-in with your team's goals for the day.

3. Relax

I think it's lovely that lots of teams are trying to uphold after-work-drinks and team lunches but these can feel a bit awkward online. I also know that many team leaders struggle to find social activities that don't centre around alcohol. Improv games are a fun and friendly way to get everyone loosened up and keep everyone involved.

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions as to how an online improv workshop could fit into your team's lockdown routine!


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