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Online Improv Workshops

Improv in Lockdown 

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, all current workshops have been suspended. However, I have adapted my improv for business workshops so that you and your team can enjoy them online! 

Working from home under such strange circumstances has created a new set of challenges for employees and team leaders. These workshops are therefore shorter and focus more on team well-being and connection. They also highlight the unique communication skills you need for handling meetings online and keeping up momentum without burning out your team.

As usual, these workshops are bespoke and tailored to your goals. If you're not sure where to start, here are some options to consider that can then be adapted to your needs:

Warm up and Wake up

These dynamic sessions are great for starting your day or shaking up the team midweek. It's also a great taster session if you're new to improv and not sure what to expect as it covers a variety of games to get your mind and body in gear.

Finding Focus

Working from home, on a loop of video calls, can start to feel monotonous and be a drain on your concentration. This workshop hones in on the listening and communication skills that are vital in everyday life but especially in this new age of video calls. These exercises help retrain your brain and find a fresh way to focus.

Creativity, confidence and charisma

Being stuck inside isn't always the most inspiring. This workshop is for those willing to put themselves out there. I'm not saying you'll become the next Steve Martin but you might surprise yourself and your colleagues! 

Many options for socialising as a team have also been limited by restrictions, including the age old British tradition of "the Pub". If you're getting bored of drunken zoom quizzes why not try an Improv Social Session? Improv games are a great way to get everyone loosened up and feeling included. Find out more about how improv can help boost your mood in my latest blog post

Timings for workshops are between 20 minutes to an hour depending on the number of participants and the focus. Fees also vary between £250 to £800 for the same reason.


For a group with more than 12 participants there will be an extra fee of £100 for my assistant or I will offer a second workshop on the same day at a reduced rate. Please note these guidelines are for online sessions only.

Take a look at my blog for insight into how my online improv for business workshops can help you. 

Praise for Online Improv with Charlie Vero-Martin:

"That experience was totally unique to the attendees and I am sure many will reflect back on and share with friends and colleagues for weeks to come… how many people can say that about an online HR Webinar!?"

- Suki K Bassi, Founder, Happy Maven - See her full review.

"This was an absolute blast, a great way to spend an hour in the morning. Thoroughly recommend to anyone wanting to escape from the pressures we're all under, be in the moment, and have a giggle in the process. Perfect for team building with a difference.”

- Joe Lewis, MRG, Co-Chair

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