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About Charlie

Charlie has over 10 years experience in improv comedy and also has a background in communications management and corporate training. Her unique approach will help you find the spontaneous flair your team needs.



Improv sessions can be tailored to your needs. Here are a few popular themes to choose from

Confidence & Charisma

Being ready doesn't mean being over prepared. It's about being in the moment and able to take on whatever is thrown at you. 

Authentic Communication

Are you really listening or waiting for your turn to speak? How to have effective meetings and conversations. 

Creativity & Innovation

Get in touch with your sense of play and rediscover your imagination. By supporting each other you will find your ideas build themselves.


Richard Gregg, TBAP HR Manager

“And now for something completely different! We thought we were a pretty studious and serious bunch until Charlie taught us that laughter can really be the right medicine. A brilliant contribution to staff wellbeing and team building"

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